• $46.00


Empower your little one with our Superhero-Inspired two-piece bathing suit, designed for fearless adventures at the pool or beach! This dynamic ensemble brings the spirit of a superhero to life with bold colors and exciting details.

The long-sleeve top, featuring a vibrant combination of blue and red, boasts a striking spider emblem on the chest, channeling the essence of everyone's favorite web-slinger. But that's not all – the added wings under the armpits create a sense of flying ability, allowing your child to soar through the water with superhero grace.

Paired with matching shorts in the same dynamic red and blue color scheme, this bathing suit is not just a costume but a portal to a world of imaginative play. Crafted from high-quality, stretchable fabric, it ensures comfort and flexibility for all-day superhero exploits.

Pair it with A Monogram Beach Towel!