CORA Mermaid - Sequin Pink Medium Mermaid by Ty

  • $20.00

      My hair is long, my sequins pink


If you see me do not blink
I'll disappear into the sea
Where you cannot follow me!

From the Ty Sea Sequins collection. Flippy Color Changing Sequin Mermaid Plush collectible stuffed animal. Approximate size: 17inches - Extra long Mylar infused hair ready to style, comb and braid! - Shimmering color-changing reversible sequins - Sparkle crowns and bows - Easy to sit or hang

  • buttery soft sure to delight anyone.
  • measures approximately 17” high
  • Super soft fabric perfect for snuggling
  • will keep you company all day long
  • make a great addition to any Ty collection.
  • Made with the finest, softest fabric.