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Perfect new sibling gift!

You're going to be a big sister - how exciting for you! Babies love their big sisters and all that they do. Celebrate the arrival of a new sibling with this adorable story that captures all the emotions a big sister feels when bringing home a new baby. Help your child work through what to expect when the new baby arrives, and reassure her that although things will change, they will only change for the better! Told in playful, rhyming text, this relatable story is a must-have for those about to take on the important role of a big sister!

Perfect new sibling gift to help young ones learn being a big sister is the best! A wonderful resource for families adding a new baby to the family. Help transition young toddlers into siblinghood for the first time Little ones will love seeing all the sweetly illustrated scenes of baby and sibling interactions. The story and pictures depict no gender, so this book can be used to introduce a new baby brother or sister to the family Touches on themes of sharing, empathy, patience, responsibility, and bonding Hardcover picture book perfect for special reading time together. This story is perfect for your storytime rotation before and after the baby is born