Amazing Animals Padded Board Book by Little Hippo Books

  • $9.99

When a young boy accidentally knocks a painted fish pebble into water, he can't believe his eyes. Cherie Zamazing perfectly captures a young boy's wonderment as his creativity sparks an adventure beyond his wildest dreams.

This charmingly illustrated padded board book has a soft cover making it easy for little hands to hold. These sweet children s books are perfect to give as gifts for a new baby and other special occasions such as, birthday gifts, baby shower wishing well gifts or for holidays.


Whether you're looking for well-known tales, tender or funny animal stories, or educational books for toddlers, Little Hippo® padded board books will become bedtime, or anytime, reading favorites!

Padded Board Book
24 Pages
7 inches x 7 inches
Ages 1 to 5