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Emilie Barnes introduces children to good manners. Fascinating facts explain why we follow certain rules, and helpful hints demonstrate courtesy in a child-friendly way.

"This book has been used by public school and home schooling teachers.  The illustrations are very attractive and add a light flair to the subject.  Children sometimes won't listen to Mom, but they will if it's in a book form. Believe me—most children need a book on basic manners."
—Emilie Barnes, Author of A Little Book of Manners

"This fully illustrated picture book is a delightful (and not too prissy) 'how to' book of etiquette and manners for young girls (and some of us older girls, too!)  It's written in a kid-friendly way.  Some areas covered: meeting and greeting people; telephone manners; how to treat a guest and how to be a good guest; mealtime manners; and writing thank you cards.  The illustrations are gorgeous; the book is expensively produced; and it's something that would make a great gift for a kid...or would be right at home in the collection of 'young-at-heart' old timers like us!"
The Whispered Watchword

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