LORELEI Mermaid - Sequin PURPLE Large Mermaid by Ty

  • $54.00

      Purple sequins, purple hair

When people see me they just stare
Am I real or am I fake
I‛m a mermaid – goodness sake!

From the Ty Sea Sequins collection. Flippy Color Changing Sequin Mermaid Plush collectible stuffed animal. Approximate size: 36 inches - Extra long Mylar infused hair ready to style, comb and braid! - Shimmering color-changing reversible sequins - Sparkle crowns and bows - Easy to sit or hang

  • buttery soft sure to delight anyone.
  • measures approximately 36" high
  • Super soft fabric perfect for snuggling
  • will keep you company all day long
  • make a great addition to any Ty collection.
  • Made with the finest, softest fabric.