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Christmas is coming, and everyone in Santa s Village is helping to prepare. Toddlers will love getting ready for the holidays too, using First Look and Find: Merry Christmas! to talk about the upcoming holiday and joining in the preparations by searching for festive, Christmas-related items.

This Look and Find book, which is aimed at toddlers, presents fascinating, action-packed scenes that will keep young children busy. Each two-page spread includes a scenario and provides an illustrated list of items for your child to find. Scenarios include:
Santa s Village, where young readers can point out the different workshops where Santa s helpers are building toys
A big tray of Mrs. Claus s cookies in a variety of shapes that children will enjoy identifying
Shelves of toys made by Santa s elves where kids can match up pictures with the toys
St. Nick s room, where Santa lounges in a his long johns while young readers point out the pieces of his Santa suit
Santa s reindeer frolicking before the big ride on Christmas Eve, with subtle differences between them for kids to identify
A variety of beautiful snowflakes in the night sky as Santa s sled takes off
The living room of a lucky family being visited by Santa, with a many Christmas decorations to be spotted

This book will keep toddlers interest while they:
Search, point, and match
Make comparisons
Discover concepts such as size, shape, and color
Follow simple directions
Read a book alone

Additional learning ideas are included for parents to use in working with their children on:
Identifying shapes and colors
Recognizing rhymes
Learning the alphabet and letter sounds
Recognizing animals

Features of this Look and Find book include:
No reading required
A soft padded cover
A parents guide for interactive learning ideas
Sturdy board pages that wipe clean and resist rips and tears to extend the life of the book