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Refresh, rejuvenate, and spoil with only the finest scented, personalized soap deserving of your discerning taste. Our exquisite Vermont made, personalized aromatherapy soap bars are triplemilled & 100% vegetable based. A true, all-sensory experience; botanical, herbal, revitalizing and healing.When you know the recipient intimately enough to pamper them with the color of their dreams or whisk them away with the scent that moves their soul.
Our fragrant bars are delicate, never over-powering, always kind to the senses and true to the fragrance’s personality

Signature Spa True-Scents, set includes one of each fragrance:

WILD BLUE LUPIN This rare, romantic blue captures the essence of the beloved Wild Blue Lupin flower. A soft, enjoyable floral experience. Wild Blue Lupin is known to improve concentration & clarity. Discover why flowers reach for the sun and blossom. Available in 5oz oval.
AQUA MINERAL Carved Solution’s famous formula and an all-time favorite. This water-based fragrance is simply gentle & clean. What you would expect a fine bar of soap to smell like. Its antique white color is always in style. Available in 5oz oval.
SATSUMA A soft, sensual pink infused with exotic Satsuma. This light, zesty orange lifts your spirits & heals your soul. When you become! Available in 5oz oval.
GREEN TEA & BERGAMOT Simply refreshing in spring green! This herbal dream shares a pure rejuvenating & uplifting experience. Hope is the eternal promise of a new day. Available in 5oz oval.
VERBENA Awakening, motivating, & harmonious fresh lemon scent in a bright snow white. Awaken your senses, relax your mind, uplift and soothe your soul. Each day is a fresh start – start something now. Available in 5oz oval and 4oz square
LAVENDER Rejuvenate, relax & calm your soul with this heavenly scent. True lavender connoisseurs appreciate this timeless favorite. Time to rejuvenate is priceless & you are worthy. Available in 5oz oval


Price includes Monogram